Subtle Shift ~

Subtle Shift ~

Feeling something  pulsing just beneath skin. It’s been faintly felt for some time and I am beginning to see it in the lines of my art…

There is often a divergence between the art I design for my licensing clients and the art I create just for me. But there is subtle change at play here, for both, in the way the paint is flowing off the brush, the way my hand is moving across the page, the way I want to lay down ink. The gap is closing and in some cases the overlap is quite visible to me.

This happens from time to time…this particular heartbeat within, and I know from experience that it is a feeling to honor. So I’m breathing through it, trying to find the balance and harmony between line, color, creative play and design work so that new art can evolve freely, as it needs to…and as it should.

Wondering…do you see a subtle shift, too?

Original ink and watercolor ©Michelle Rummel

A Solitary Tree

A Solitary Tree


He offered me a leaf like a hand with fingers.
I offered him a hand like a leaf with teeth.
He offered me a branch like an arm.
I offered him my arm like a branch.
He tipped his trunk towards me like a shoulder.
I tipped my shoulder to him, like a knotted trunk.
I could hear his sap quicken, beating like blood.
He could hear my blood slacken like rising sap.
I passed through him.
He passed through me.
I remained a solitary tree.
A solitary man.



I love this beautiful poem written by Romanian poet, Nichita Stanescu. It speaks to me. So simple, yet vivid and powerful. Read the lines out loud…the way the words roll off the tongue is part of the charm.

Take A Bow Original Watercolor
© Michelle Rummel

Unwords ~ Poetry by Nichita Stanescu