You’re Within Me

You're Within Me

My instinct is to retreat, hide, fold in upon myself, blend…

Instead…I push forward, focus and don’t second guess myself or the pen/brush in hand which seems to instinctively know the lines.

And although I know it comes from within, the feeling is one of absorbing from all that is around me.

So I pull from you…absorb your emotions and your energy….and surrender to the moment. ~


I remember feeling so vulnerable. Although my work had been in retail and wholesale markets for many years, I had not shared my private art collection art in such a directly candid way before (post, share, hold your breath, discuss;)

Time has passed and yet the process of sharing my work here like this still requires me to take a deep breath. But maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

These, my thoughts. ~

You’re Within Me
Watercolor and Ink
©Michelle Rummel