…in and back. Some days it is so easy to get lost in the lines.

Only a glimpse of this one as it is still evolving…I keep adding intricacy of line, deepening depth with watercolor…trying, always to honor the strong pull of the coast and all that it means to me. I’m getting closer, I feel it.

Original ink and watercolor ©MichelleRummel

Drawing August ~ Day 8


So peaceful, calm and happy in my day…It’s been filled with the most gorgeous light. I am wrapped well, feeling inspired anew.

Started this one yesterday for #DrawingAugust and added a touch more ink and line work to it today… Just play, but it’s a wonderful exercise for me…A different path for creating than the one my design work usually takes me down. I like the looseness, the playfulness that comes. Even more so, I love that the lines and watercolor wash brought me to the ocean.

Still craving saltwater, my beloved rock jetty and an east coast sunrise… Feeling the pull…I’ll get back there, soon enough, I think ~

Original Ink and Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel

Shine On

Shine On

Rocks in pockets weigh me down
Exhale exhausted…
Yet gems along shoreline shine.
Call to me
Like the light I crave
I’ll come….
Tender hearted,
No matter…
Mind if I sit for a moment
Catch my breath
Before skipping my soul stones
Heartbeat hopscotch
Towards waters edge.

Shine On was my contribution for the firstTwitter Art Exhibit in Moss Norway in 2010 to raise money at the local library so that books could be purchased for the children. A most worthy cause and I was thrilled to be a part of it.  I am still working on my piece for next year’s exhibit but will be sure to post it here when complete:)

The next Twitter Art Exhibit will be held in Orlando, Florida in March of 2014. The submission deadline is February 21, 2014. To learn more about the twitter art exhibit or to view the Call For Artists, please click here to visit the website.

Original Watercolor and Words ©Michelle Rummel