Little Sparks


It’s a sleepy, quiet, solitary day of painting back in my studio.  I am paying close attention to those little sparks within…I find I often come back to drawing/painting figurative works. I am drawn to faces, necks, hair and lips. I don’t always get the lines or the proportion right, but there is something familiar and pleasing just in the trying. I do often use photographs for reference but more often than not, at some point in the process I veer far off reference point and just let my hand and imagination lead the way. Always an element of organic abstraction… intricate detailing…watery colors, controlled… and yet, I do try to let watercolors just be watercolors and do their thing, too. It’s the sweetest dance between ink and water and although she doesn’t look like me, she becomes a true portrait of me at my creative happiest…

In this moment, I am fulfilled.

Original Ink and watercolor painting… ©Michelle Rummel / Shellartistree LLC  /



An ink and watercolor from earlier in the year, inspired by an evocative photographic portrait that caught my eye. I painted her, leaving my own touches within the lines of her. I’ve repainted her several times as there were things about her (overzealous ink work…oh, so unforgiving;) that have bothered my eye from the beginning…and yet this version, the first, still my favorite, flaws and all.

Floating her into the stream for #portraitnovember ~

Original Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel