To The Sea…

To The Sea...

Two days at the ocean to fill my soul well back up. A spontaneous trip that was needed, despite the hellish drive (15+hours total). And even if the weather was less than glorious, it simply didn’t matter…Awake at dawn to absorb the filtered light and it was so lovely, making all the colors softer, gentler somehow. I wished I had my paints with me at that moment to capture the subtle grays and greens. Really enjoyed the pier… from above, the water shone emerald. Standing underneath, it was haunting the way the tide slowly rolled in then crashed around pillar only to smooth out once again leaving a trace of foamy lace. Mid day, the largest sand dunes on the East coast called my name … a climb to the top, sandwiched between views of sea and sound. Loved the wind up there… And it carried all the way back to the shoreline, whipping waves wild and frothy, inspiring paintings yet to come…

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Presence, Felt ~

Presence, Felt ~

Snow fell and the world quieted down. A day to paint…

Solitary…but never alone. Presence, felt…encouraging the brush to dip yet again in water, the hand to slide so that the water flows. I reach for the pen…I want to make lines dance. Silence, all but for breath which makes its own gentle rhythm. I glance up…smile…notice the snowflakes falling slowly… and then refocus on the watercolor at hand. It might be all about technique one minute, or play or color, the next. It might never be used in a collection…or offered for sale, or shown in exhibition. All I know is that when the lines and flow of paint feel right to my eye, it brings profound joy. If I get the colors right too…well, then, that’s a banner day;)

A lovely way to spend a few hours on a quiet snowy day ~

Original ink and watercolor ©Michelle Rummel

Anchored In a Daydream ~

Anchored In a Daydream ~

A wistful photograph floated my way on Pinterest and I was instantly drawn to it, the feel of the image…the mood created. And of course, it’s only natural considering how I feel about the sea and ocean rocks and all things pulled by tide and time. Inspired, I sketched her quickly in pencil, added detail in ink and let the watercolor flow as it does best. I like that there is a sense of contentment in the pose…of being one with saltwater, anchored in a daydream…at peace with the waiting ~

Original Pencil, Ink and Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel