Orchid Love

Orchid Love

I spent all of yesterday painting as a foot of snow blanketed the ground. Seems winter is holding on…deep breaths and patience, required. But the silver lining of snowfall is the quality of light that comes along with it… more of that soft, white glow. It’s really lovely to paint by, and so I made the most of my too quiet day, and did.

I have never painted an orchid until now. Curious, as they are my absolute favorite plant…I have three that, when in bloom, provide me with significant personal joy (as well as excellent fodder for my instagram pics;).

Four paintings emerged, each with its own unique style. I think my favorite from the day is the watercolor that flowed from me the fastest… A quick sketch, where my hand was loose, my thoughts, gently free flowing. Not over thinking…rather, just feeling it, trusting in it and allowing myself to be lost in the moment.

Orchids… I am forever drawn to them. Someday, I’ll have a roomful:)

Here, a glimpse…

Original Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel

Subtle Shift ~

Subtle Shift ~

Feeling something  pulsing just beneath skin. It’s been faintly felt for some time and I am beginning to see it in the lines of my art…

There is often a divergence between the art I design for my licensing clients and the art I create just for me. But there is subtle change at play here, for both, in the way the paint is flowing off the brush, the way my hand is moving across the page, the way I want to lay down ink. The gap is closing and in some cases the overlap is quite visible to me.

This happens from time to time…this particular heartbeat within, and I know from experience that it is a feeling to honor. So I’m breathing through it, trying to find the balance and harmony between line, color, creative play and design work so that new art can evolve freely, as it needs to…and as it should.

Wondering…do you see a subtle shift, too?

Original ink and watercolor ©Michelle Rummel

And So I Danced…

And So I Danced...

There are moments that move us so deeply, the emotion takes over and we are almost helpless, pulled, directed, from within….

A couple of years back, an evocative painting titled, ‘In the heat of the moment ~ at the heart of the matter’ had floated my way in the twitter stream from my lovely friend, Liz Spurgeon ( @lizbeth33 ). I was taken with the warmth and energy that her painting conveyed. One look at her work and I just felt like dancing/spinning/sliding/swaying…

And so I did…

I couldn’t find a link to this exact painting but look at Liz’s brushwork and I think you’ll see what moved me. To my eye, there is passion in her abstract land/seascapes.

~ It is true I love to dance and I do so in my studio often, in the moments that inspire me to move my limbs. Something so freeing about allowing energy to move through you in this way.

We should all dance more, don’t you think?:)

Full Woman, Fleshly Apple, Hot Moon.

Full Woman, Fleshly Apple, Hot Moon.

“…Loving is a journey with water and with stars,

With smothered air and abrupt storms of flour:

Loving is a clash of lightning-bolts

And two bodies defeated by a single drop of honey…”

~Pablo Neruda, Poem XII, from the book Full Woman, Fleshly Apple, Hot Moon

Neruda’s gorgeous words drip and flow on the page. His poems read like a melody of moments we all know. Very, very beautiful and a lovely way to pass the time during a late summer afternoon.