Home Fashions / Textile Market Week 2013 ~

About the Shell Rummel Brand... A Little More

For those of you following along here who may not know what I do beyond ink and watercolors;) I thought I’d share a little more about myself…

When I am not painting for #paintseptember…or, better said, in between painting for #paintseptember ;) …I am a designer, licensing my art and designing for the home fashions marketplace. My designs can be found on Bath Collections (available through Bed Bath & Beyond), Bedding Collections, Fabrics by the yard, Stationery and Gifts and Wall Art. I am also a well known Ketubah designer, offering my work within the Judaic Marketplace for over 12 years.

Earlier this week I spent time in New York City visiting the 5th Avenue showrooms to see my latest collections that were being unveiled for Home Fashions/ Textile Market Week. I invite you to read a little more about my time in New York and see some of the showroom photos that I have posted on my art licensing blog, here. If curious or interested, you may enjoy taking some time to scroll through that blog…it chronicles my fine art and licensing journey to date.

I appreciate your interest in my work, both my fine art and my art licensing/design work. I am enjoying posting my fine art here on this blog…Have had the pleasure of getting to know a few of you via your comments. Thank you, for taking the time to leave word for me if my art moves you. I welcome the conversation ~