Inspiration ~ Loie Fuller

loie fuller

“I wanted to create a new form of art, an art completely irrelevant to the usual theories, an art giving to the soul and the senses at the same time complete delight, where reality and dream, light and sound, movement and rhythm form an exciting unity …” ~ Loie Fuller (1862-1928)

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“Expressive yet barely mimetic, beautiful yet utterly modern, and with the suggestion of transport to otherworldly realms, her synthesis of color, movement, and music resonated deeply with other artists who saw her…” ~  Carolyn Sinsky
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More, about Loie Fuller, here:)

To Hold Us In The Great Hands of Light…

To Hold Us In The Great Hands of Light...

Hello, sun in my face.

Hello, you who made the morning

and spread it over the fields

and into the faces of the tulips

and the nodding morning glories….

…to keep us from ever-darkness,

to ease us with warm touching,

to hold us in the great hands of light…

good morning, good morning, good morning.

Watch, now, how I start the day

in happiness, in kindness.”

~ Mary Oliver

On the shortest day of the year, I smile, knowing the journey of the return of the light begins…now. Happy Solstice, all~

Fingertip Breakthrough

Fingertip Breakthrough

Fingertip Breakthrough ~

Slowly resurfacing….
Clarity comes.
A cautious comfort with the beautiful chaos that surrounds me….not so scary really, when you look it in the eye.
Reaching up, breaking through…I’m…here… and I’m barely breathing, again.
Kiss my fingertips?


If I recall correctly, this painting was among the first where I had the feeling I was, perhaps, onto something. I remember an extraordinarily rich comment thread that encouraged me to keep exploring the depths.

Fingertip Breakthrough,  ©MichelleRummel