Highlights From a Very Full Year

Our year in Review…

It makes me dizzy (in the best possible way;) to look back on the last year and see all we have accomplished in my design studio. It was truly an extraordinary year for the Shell Rummel brand in the sense that much of the work we did during the year was in preparation for 2015. We’ve been steadily focused, and as is true of most good things in life, patience rewards! So many beautiful new products and collections are about to launch! It’s such a thrill…

We’ll be giving away some lovely products in the coming months in partnership with some of our licensees…Not to be missed so feel free to join our mailing list or follow my brand page on facebook. My website has all the updated information, so come take a few minutes and have a look through. As always, my gratitude for your kind support of my art and design work…it means so much ~ Shell

2014 year in review

2014 year in review pg2

New York Home Fashions Market Week Preview


For months, my team and I have spent the majority of our time designing for Home Fashions Market Week which happens twice a year in New York City. Next week, I’ll be there, spending time with my agents, meeting with prospective new licensees and visiting my current partners in their showrooms as Fall Market Week kicks off.  Launching this season, are 5 new bedding collections in partnership with Nostalgia Home as well as coordinated bath ensembles via Bacova Guild. Different for me this market, is that I have been invited to participate in the Retailer meetings for my bedding collections! A rare opportunity to meet the top retailers face to face and introduce them to my designs. The collections for each bed are dear to me… a true labor of love. Each, uniquely inspired with natural elements, organic geometrics and soft color paIettes.  Although I have yet to see the finished products, I have faith in the team at Nostalgia Home and know that with their attention to detail, the collections will be lovely. I am so proud of the work we have done. The designs are serene and soft, quietly elegant…I am hopeful the ensembles will be well received at market and will eventually find placement in a store near you;)  I look forward to sharing photos of the actual bedding collections with you, once I am back in the studio.

And…Always extra exciting when you come across a Press Release that features your brand. Have a look… Home & Textiles Today, September 10, 2014 Press Release, Shell Rummel Signs with Nostalgia

Art Licensing Highlights ~ Year in Review

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2013 highlights pg2

When you’re in the midst of the moment, working on the specific details of a project, it’s easy to sometimes lose sight of the overall impact of your work in a larger way. I was reminded of that when looking back to compile this year-in-review montage.

Throughout the course of the year, my studio worked with over 10 different Licensees on various product lines and collections. We signed new contracts, designed multiple bedding and bath collections for both Spring and Fall Markets in NYC, designed two new quilting fabric collections, created storyboards for stationery, tabletop and wall art presentations, traveled to New York City for Market weeks and the Surtex trade show as well as attended the Atlanta Gift Show. In between all that, I somehow found time to paint several new collections of artwork, all of which are now being considered and/or developed for 2014 product lines.

In the moment, it’s pure joy…I love the process from beginning to end and I value the fact that my day is always different. Looking back at this collective, I am so proud of what we accomplished and I feel energized to see my brand and business growing so beautifully.

Also worth mentioning, is that the artwork I create and then post here on this blog is yet another facet of my life. Those works are so often just for me, personally and deeply inspired and born from an inherent need to create. I acknowledge that carving out personal painting time is vital to my wellbeing and I have been so pleased with the body of work that quietly unfolded over the past year. It is truly a pleasure to share all of this with you, my professional and personal artistic pursuits, and as always, I am grateful to have your company on this journey ~



A Quiet Calm…Feeling the Color Coming Back ~

A Quiet Calm...Feeling the Color Coming Back ~

Design work, pulling me away from playing with watercolors and posting here lately…Yes, I am a quieter presence sometimes. It’s needed, so I can focus my energy. Hard though, when so many of you lovely souls are here, reaching out in your own way, posting your inspiring art and beautiful words…

But I am somehow calm in the midst of this moment. As always, it’s all about balance.

So, just a few words to say… I’m here, always close. Even when quietly so. Floating in and out as I can… and ever grateful for the kindness that comes to me. After all, it’s what keeps me coming back ~

Original Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel