Silk Scarf, Blue Dress…

Silk Scarf,  Blue Dress...

Feeling a strong pull to get back to something I always enjoyed…fashion illustration. I love the juxtaposition of softly flowing watercolor with more defined and detailed ink lines. For me, the trick is finding the balance between the two…I have a tendency to want to scribble endlessly. Perhaps one day I will post an example of my heavier hand;)

Gently encouraged to keep at it… and at the moment, these keep coming with ease in quieter moments. So, going with it.

Original Ink and watercolor ©Michelle Rummel

Botanical Sketch~

Botanical Sketch~

This week’s play…an experiment of sorts. There have been a few ideas and techniques I’ve been wanting to explore.

Time is precious these days…my design work often leaves little time for play like this. Recently, since sleep has been eluding me, I’ve found myself sitting at my desk late into the night trying to fill the creative parts of me that ache to sketch and paint like this.

I like what’s emerging…There is possibility here. To my surprise, this little botanical sketch made my twitter stream explode ~ As of this writing, I am still gathering energy to make my way back there to thank so many for their kindness. It is always so curious to me, the paintings that seem to resonate the most with others.

Original Ink and Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel