A Wonder…

Can’t tell you how many times I have watched this video over the last year…It’s a wonder and one of those magic things that gives me goosebumps…every single time.

And for your listening pleasure, here, the full song…lovely, particularly so, in the early morning hours when the day is just beginning to unfold…

Such possibility ~

I Just Need a Moment ~

I Just Need a Moment ~

“As happens sometimes, a moment settled and hovered and remained for much more than a moment. And sound stopped and movement stopped for much, much more than a moment.” ~ John Steinbeck

Painted a couple of years ago and intended as a quick study…a loose play of graphite line and a splash of watercolor on paper, a moment was all it took to capture the essence of what I was feeling. The camera wasn’t so lucky….paper saturated, buckled, like my knees and so you’ll simply have to imagine it more cleanly than the shadowy image actually presents here.

The night I painted this, I fell asleep with still images of this painting scrolling through my mind. I saw this piece and others like it, large…larger than anything I have ever painted before. A big canvas, with her colors splashed and dripping and flowing. It’s been years since I’ve painted with acrylics or oils, but I can’t help but feel like this was a clear sign leading the way…time will tell. Anyone who knows me well knows that I tend to shy away from clearly marked paths. Sometimes, it’s hard to be me.

*I just need a moment…*

I have uttered this phrase often in my real world life…significant, those 5 words, when spoken. Please let me catch my breath, refocus my mind, regain clarity, pause….or…float;) a while in peace. We all have these moments, they are not mine alone. Universal, I believe, the overwhelming need to occasionally lay down in the clay… let your colors drip and flow and let the earth absorb your raw emotion and cradle you, for just a moment…or two.

Original Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel

Fingertip Breakthrough

Fingertip Breakthrough

Fingertip Breakthrough ~

Slowly resurfacing….
Clarity comes.
A cautious comfort with the beautiful chaos that surrounds me….not so scary really, when you look it in the eye.
Reaching up, breaking through…I’m…here… and I’m barely breathing, again.
Kiss my fingertips?


If I recall correctly, this painting was among the first where I had the feeling I was, perhaps, onto something. I remember an extraordinarily rich comment thread that encouraged me to keep exploring the depths.

Fingertip Breakthrough,  ©MichelleRummel