…in and back. Some days it is so easy to get lost in the lines.

Only a glimpse of this one as it is still evolving…I keep adding intricacy of line, deepening depth with watercolor…trying, always to honor the strong pull of the coast and all that it means to me. I’m getting closer, I feel it.

Original ink and watercolor ©MichelleRummel

Paint September ~ Day 19 ~ Inspired Lines

Paint September ~ Day 19 ~ Inspired Lines

Sharing the first of several watercolors inspired by Paul Henderson’s gorgeous hosta photographs from his garden in Scotland…

Paul’s photography is greatly inspiring to me.  If you haven’t seen how he creates his work with shadows, made from cut paper, copper wire and natural elements like translucent pieces of mica, take a look through his website and you will soon realize how visionary he truly is.  He won’t like that I just called him visionary;)  but we are dear friends and I think he’ll forgive it knowing I say it graciously and earnestly.  But it’s his Hosta series that this painting is inspired by.  I found myself drawn to the evocative lines, the shadows and light, the way he captured the leaves …something about that collection of work really moved me.

Over time, I painted several variations on this same theme, all capturing a uniquely different perspective. Today I post the most recent ink and watercolor of the series, completed today. The others, I will begin to share along soon.

Because my eye tends to abstract all I see, I do realize that to the viewer my painting may seem at first, disconnected to the original inspiration source. But I invite you to take a moment and look closer… the essence of Paul’s images are very much a part of my painting.

Grateful for the gift of inspiration… Such a pleasure to float this one into my stream… ~

Original Ink and Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel


Paint September ~ Day 15/16 ~ Pure Memory

Paint September ~ Day 15/16 ~ Pure Memory

“I held my breath as we do sometimes to stop time when something wonderful has touched us”~ Mary Oliver

The ocean has a strong pull over me. I am at peace there…grounded and balanced. Palpable, the quiet calm that comes from within.

My memory is often hazy…details of my life tend to mix and melt into something that feels a bit like shadow. My recall is clouded with fragments of memory. But the smallest of seaside moments stick with me. There is utter clarity…It is as if each time the tide retreats, it smooths the layered haze, leaving behind a softness of pure memory and thought…

A pleasure to paint what I love… ~

Original Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel

New Terrain

New Terrain

You posing for me
Brush caressing paper
Paint flowing freely
Following the flow of your form
You slipping away
Leaving the tracery of our sweet conspiracy…

~ words by @artvaughan

November, 2010….

I have always admired figurative painters…am drawn to the languid lines of the body, the shapes and shadows at play. There are so many artists who do this with such elegance and ease…I am always in awe (yes…. @jerryshawback I am speaking about you) yet I’ve been so fearful of exploring this unknown terrain. I’ve always been more comfortable when imagining the human form in natural elements of the landscape around me, such as seeing the feminine in the curvy bark of a tree, the sway of hips in the flowing hillside or female grace in the rolling ocean waves. I believe I capture abstracted human elements well in my own style. But I have shied away from actually attempting to paint/capture the human body. Until now. Initially inspired by a stunning black and white photograph of a reclining nude that I saw on Chris Weige’s Posterous ( @Reckon ) I picked up a pencil and began to sketch. I asked my friend @artvaughan, an accomplished poet, for some inspirational poetic words to keep the Muse close at hand. His words came through just as I was completing my watercolor…I read them and went silent. Evocative prose, capturing my very loose sketch and watercolor play with an eerie clarity, I felt. Those words made me smile and are the serendipitous catalyst behind my willingness to share my first attempt at figurative painting.

Original Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel

Sea Major

Sea Major

About 4 years ago, Kat Ostrow (@katost) posted some gorgeous photographs of sand and ocean landscapes from her trip to Cannon Beach. The images instantly struck a chord with me and I asked Kat for her permission to try my hand at capturing the feel and essence of the textural sand and reflective water of her beloved beach through my watercolor brush. It was a pleasure to abstractly re imagine the lines of sand and tide and then to share along with so many from our art community on twitter. The comment thread from this particular painting was generous and rich and it inspired me to continue on my artistic journey, wherever it may lead. A lovely reminder of the power of words.

Original Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel