End of Year Giveaway


I know, I know… here I am just breezing in after a long long time away with only a soft smile and warm hello… But.. this is happening right now over on my Instagram page  (@shellrummel) and I don’t want you to miss out:)  My design studio is giving away our Natural Affinity wool rug & silk pillow (from @suryasocial) and a fine art giclee print from my portfolio (all, shown above). The contest runs until Thursday, December 21st at 12 noon EST…Entry info is listed on the Instagram Post so if this piques your interest, do check it out and enter to win… would love for my art and design to live with you!

Suffice it to say, I need to get back over here, to share my art and studio news and to get some of the many thoughts out of my head… a long ramble would really do me good. If only you could see all the balls that I am juggling in the air at the moment, surely you’d forgive me the disappearance and welcome me back. ~

More, soon…

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