A Little Design News…



I spent the earliest days of my career self producing a variety of product lines. All of my products began with my hand painted watercolor paintings.  From there, artwork was digitized, color palettes were refined, designs tweaked,  production techniques explored and packaging created to delight.  It was so much work,  ensuring that my artistic vision was fully realized every step of the way. And as I write these words, I recall just how much I loved it all…There’s something about the process of creation from beginning to end that is deeply satisfying.

In more recent years, I have been licensing my art and designs to manufacturing partners who then use my art to enhance their product lines. The collaborating happens between me, my team and the manufacturer and their art director.  Licensing also has elements that are richly rewarding, especially when our vision comes to life with a quality product, and I am fortunate to have many.

But I’ve been missing a more hands on approach. So my design team and I have jumped back in and we are about to offer our first collection of self produced, upholstery weight textiles on the most beautiful cotton/linen blend fabric. And, just as I remember, it really is a process;) We are still tweaking to get color perfect, but it’s coming along beautifully. We are so excited to soon share the full collection, which features our softly sophisticated, organic designs along with a few other product line surprises.  This collection will be offered to the trade via Interior Design Professionals and Showrooms and we simply can’t wait to see what new opportunities may arise.  I’m feeling inspired anew… it’s really limitless, where we can take this!  (upholstered furniture, anyone? :)

If you’re a Design Professional or an Interior Design Showroom who would like more information about the new collection, (or, if you just plain dig what we’re offering:) drop me a line over on my Design website and let me know how you envision us working together.


Bathe me in light

It’s been some time since I visited here.

Back in August, the time of my last post, as I ran wild along the rugged and raw California coastline,  I had already been handed the diagnosis. I knew what was coming my way as a result and so that time away felt even more of a gift.

Mine was of the “good kind of cancer” variety. Not minimizing or mocking that phrase as those who said it, meant it to comfort.  But months later, it still sits wrong with me. In September, I had my thyroid removed. No surgery is ever a breeze and I have had my fair share, so I say that with knowing wisdom.  One tiny, delicate cut at the base of the throat…the location, unnerved me more than I expected.  They removed a small tumor that, I’m told, didn’t want to let go. It clung to my vocal chord, residually leaving me without voice for nearly two months. Well, that’s one way to quiet me, for sure…;)  Even without words,  the mind still spins, you know…

The Autumn months were quieter as I took the time I needed to recover. Not easy, to slow this girl down especially since my business/work is one of my passions…But, in the studio, we slowed down, yes… to an ever so slightly slower beat. That gave me time to think, to reflect, to analyze. New directions and new ideas often come from a place of quiet and I look back now in gratitude for that time as we are on course in new ways that feel very right.  At home, I was wrapped even tighter in light and love. Family and dear ones took very good care of me…fed me well and kept me in flowers.

It’s taken time…  for my body to regulate sans thyroid, for my energy levels to stabilize, for my voice to return (that one…still, a work in progress;) I almost feel like myself again. Getting there, day by day.

I’m not always one to share my deeply personal things in a public way and rarely open that side of myself beyond my images and art… My struggles are mine.  But I felt it was time to share a bit more.  Hoping my words enlighten. Thank you for reading …~