Collaboration #11


Topographical coastline with pebbles and shimmering tidal pools…or …Butterfly in flight? The ultimate Rorschach test;)

Collaboration #11… something a little different for the latest, in an ongoing collaborative series with Paul Henderson, titled ‘Wave After Wave’ where I add my touches of watercolor to Paul’s flowing ink on paper. Paul’s ink was more splatter than line on this particular piece and I was well aware that I kept shying away from it as I sifted through his pile of beautiful ink work in choosing which would become my next canvas. In the end, I believe it was the seemingly randomness of the ink that called out to me to try and leave my creative mark.  I used an iridescent paint to highlight some of the ink marks…it shimmers quite beautifully in the light. Unique as it was from the start, the finished art feels inherently connected to this most special collaborative series. A new personal favorite, perhaps…


5 thoughts on “Collaboration #11

  1. Hello Shell (and Paul) :)

    You know how much I love your work. And how empathic it is…
    This one… I honestly feel in love with it. :)

    Well… is this what collaboration is all about? Creating beautiful art together. :)

    Have lovely weekend.

    • Paul and I have a similar feel to our art even though we use our mediums differently. Ink & watercolor is a surprisingly natural fit. Very kind words, José… Glad this one spoke to you:)

  2. This might be my favourite so far. Really reminds me of the textures of the coast. Lovely work dear Shell, looking forward to what follows :)))

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