Highlights From a Very Full Year

Our year in Review…

It makes me dizzy (in the best possible way;) to look back on the last year and see all we have accomplished in my design studio. It was truly an extraordinary year for the Shell Rummel brand in the sense that much of the work we did during the year was in preparation for 2015. We’ve been steadily focused, and as is true of most good things in life, patience rewards! So many beautiful new products and collections are about to launch! It’s such a thrill…

We’ll be giving away some lovely products in the coming months in partnership with some of our licensees…Not to be missed so feel free to join our mailing list or follow my brand page on facebook. My website has all the updated information, so come take a few minutes and have a look through. As always, my gratitude for your kind support of my art and design work…it means so much ~ Shell

2014 year in review

2014 year in review pg2

2 thoughts on “Highlights From a Very Full Year

  1. Congratulations, Shell and all involved. You’re among the most successful artists and designers I know, and deservedly so. Your artworks and products are so beautiful!

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