…in and back. Some days it is so easy to get lost in the lines.

Only a glimpse of this one as it is still evolving…I keep adding intricacy of line, deepening depth with watercolor…trying, always to honor the strong pull of the coast and all that it means to me. I’m getting closer, I feel it.

Original ink and watercolor ©MichelleRummel

4 thoughts on “Drawn…

  1. Hello Shell.
    How ironic… I’m painting a watercolor (the one inspired by your work), and thought it’s almost done, I still feel that it’s evolving…
    Still not finished…

    • Honored, Jose… that you keep finding inspiration in my work for yours. ~ I think some works are supposed to be stepping stones to others. Maybe a series will develop over time. In my case, this one just keeps pulling me in and back. I go to it when I feel that pull and try to add the right lines, the right amount of paint…whatever it needs. It’s hard to say and ultimately is more instinct than anything else. I say… Let it evolve:)

    • Oh, Tony…Somehow I missed this comment along the way… but you’re right…those days, the ones where it all flows so easily…so lovely. Hoping the same for your songwriting… ~

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