Once upon a time I managed a lovely little store that was filled with beautiful things…Things like bouquets of dried hydrangea flowers, vintage books with the most delicate illustrations, handmade lace by the yard and linen hats covered with intricate silk flowers.  I was particularly taken with the petaled hats… the idea of having flowers in your hair…layers upon layers of petals sometimes folding over the brim…

And although my personal taste has always gently leaned towards a more modern aesthetic, I appreciated so much, the artistry, the softness, the prettiness… of all that was around me. It was tactile, sensory, feminine.  Every once in a while, I pay homage to that time… to the dream of being covered in petals, from head to toe.

For #DrawingAugust Day 18 ~

Original Ink and Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel /

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