…Of places I love ~

For #DrawingAugust Day 17… ~

Original Ink and Watercolor ©MichelleRummel /

3 thoughts on “Glimpses…

    • Thank you, Steve. This one… from my favorite place. A beach called Rehoboth. In the US…in the state of Delaware on the East coast. It’s not that the beach is anything special because I’ve been to much prettier… There are virtually no shells…only slivers and the occasional polished pebble. The water is cold and can be murky…but…it’s familiar and filled with sensory memories. There is a rock jetty. If you read my posts you may have seen reference to it before. It is only revealed once the tide rolls out…so always feels like a gift, to have a glimpse of it. At low tide, especially if that happens to be early morning before the beach is full, you can walk out on the big flat rocks and you feel a bit like you’re standing in the ocean. I love that…. ~ Most of my seascapes are imagined, as you say. But there are almost always references to the real places I visit…even if just the remembered lines of tide.

      • Thanks for your reply Shell. I think when you get to know a place well you see it very differently – little changes become more significant for one thing. Anyhoo, love your sworly drawings, keep ’em coming!

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