A Day of Light


Arrived late at the beach, far past sunrise and all her golden glory, but still, warm light beckoned and I settled in.  A few beach walks throughout the day yielded a handful of treasure. A shark’s tooth, I think…or perhaps it is just another heart shaped shell…they do seem to find me. A smooth touchstone tumbled into my palm, and I closed fingers around it, claiming it as mine.  And a lovely translucent golden shell which I quite liked, came to rest at my feet when the tide flowed out. Illuminated by the sun, I scooped her up too.

My beloved rock jetty was well underwater at high tide, so had to wait until late in the day just to get a glimpse. I like to stand on the big striped rock and take pics of my toes but I could only see a portion of it and the waves were rougher than usual so this time, I stood back and simply watched for a while. Light reflected off the edges of the shiny rocks polished smooth. Hypnotic, the rhythm of the waves.  They lull and calm me. And I swear they whisper my name…

That same morning, I learned that a dear friend had lost her battle with cancer… She was beautiful in every way, emanated light…some people just do.  And I know how much she too loved the sea… so it somehow seemed fitting to be there on that day of all days.  A gorgeous day…filled with warmth and light in so many ways. ~