Tide Lines


Lovely, getting lost in these lines for an afternoon.

Inspired by my recent walk along the coastline to my rock jetty and back. I spent hours just observing the subtle patterning left in the sand that the tide left behind every time she rolled out.  The beautiful, gentle way the lines connect… a softness there that speaks to me.  And it brought me back to a day last summer when I ran along the sand with wind at my back, eager to beat the incoming tide…to reach for what I love so dearly… ~ 

Original Ink and Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel



Once upon a time I managed a lovely little store that was filled with beautiful things…Things like bouquets of dried hydrangea flowers, vintage books with the most delicate illustrations, handmade lace by the yard and linen hats covered with intricate silk flowers.  I was particularly taken with the petaled hats… the idea of having flowers in your hair…layers upon layers of petals sometimes folding over the brim…

And although my personal taste has always gently leaned towards a more modern aesthetic, I appreciated so much, the artistry, the softness, the prettiness… of all that was around me. It was tactile, sensory, feminine.  Every once in a while, I pay homage to that time… to the dream of being covered in petals, from head to toe.

For #DrawingAugust Day 18 ~

Original Ink and Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel / Shellrummel.com

A Day of Light


Arrived late at the beach, far past sunrise and all her golden glory, but still, warm light beckoned and I settled in.  A few beach walks throughout the day yielded a handful of treasure. A shark’s tooth, I think…or perhaps it is just another heart shaped shell…they do seem to find me. A smooth touchstone tumbled into my palm, and I closed fingers around it, claiming it as mine.  And a lovely translucent golden shell which I quite liked, came to rest at my feet when the tide flowed out. Illuminated by the sun, I scooped her up too.

My beloved rock jetty was well underwater at high tide, so had to wait until late in the day just to get a glimpse. I like to stand on the big striped rock and take pics of my toes but I could only see a portion of it and the waves were rougher than usual so this time, I stood back and simply watched for a while. Light reflected off the edges of the shiny rocks polished smooth. Hypnotic, the rhythm of the waves.  They lull and calm me. And I swear they whisper my name…

That same morning, I learned that a dear friend had lost her battle with cancer… She was beautiful in every way, emanated light…some people just do.  And I know how much she too loved the sea… so it somehow seemed fitting to be there on that day of all days.  A gorgeous day…filled with warmth and light in so many ways. ~

Drawing August ~ Day 8


So peaceful, calm and happy in my day…It’s been filled with the most gorgeous light. I am wrapped well, feeling inspired anew.

Started this one yesterday for #DrawingAugust and added a touch more ink and line work to it today… Just play, but it’s a wonderful exercise for me…A different path for creating than the one my design work usually takes me down. I like the looseness, the playfulness that comes. Even more so, I love that the lines and watercolor wash brought me to the ocean.

Still craving saltwater, my beloved rock jetty and an east coast sunrise… Feeling the pull…I’ll get back there, soon enough, I think ~

Original Ink and Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel