Filling Up

photo-223 copy

I haven’t quite had my fill of the ocean yet this summer… I am still craving saltwater. So, I paint the perfect swirl of a shell and stones that I know will feel good in my hand. I paint to get my fill ~

Original Watercolor ©MichelleRummel

3 thoughts on “Filling Up

  1. The sea is an interesting thing. It is a living paradox. I find myself asking, “How can one thing be both calm and fierce; serene and chaotic; beautiful and horrible?” It is a complex thing, much like we are. Our personalities possess, at times, what must seem like an illogical and counter-intuitive mix of feelings and emotions, ideas and attitudes, passions and desires that figuring ourselves out, or being figured out by those closest to us, is a nearly impossible task. Perhaps that is why I too love the sea so very much. To love it is to accept all of these apparently opposing realities and somewhere in all of that is a sense of peace.


    • How beautifully said, Eli…
      I find so much fulfillment, inspiration and calming peace being seaside, more so than any other physical place. Something about the natural rhythms of the tide both quiet me down and energize me at the same time. Both, a part of me. Both needed. In order to create, I need to feel that electrifying spark of inspiration energy and yet I think I do my best work when I am spinning at a much slower, quieter pace. The ocean gives me both…in perfect balance. Holding that balance in my day to day…ah, now…that’s the real trick ~

      • Shell,

        I really love what you said here. Its amazing what a powerful influence and inspiration the ocean can be in our lives. I totally agree that holding that in balance daily is the real challenge. Sometimes I wonder if its truly possible or if it is a season we slip into at a certain stage of life or if it is a state of mind we can inhabit regularly.

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