Joyful Saturday

Joyful Saturday

Gorgeous light and hours to play today…paint flowed with a casual ease. It’s joyful and unexpected, time like this on a weekend. So I held it tight, absorbed the feeling and made the most of this beautiful afternoon.

There’s a comfort and warmth in this one…maybe it’s in her pose. I don’t often reach for pink, and you can see I began to slide into my favorite blue…my mind just takes me there. I like the line work around the hem of her dress and I could easily get lost in the folds, the details of pin tucks and shading. I’d like to think she’s finished, I signed her after all, but I keep adding ink…a little bit here and there.

You’ll just have to imagine the smile:)

Original Ink and Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel

10 thoughts on “Joyful Saturday

  1. The figure is posed in a way that evokes an undercurrent of (somewhat restrained) whimsy. There is a little girl in there ready to jump in with both feet! I love your work because there is an emotional depth to it that refuses to let you glance & move on. Your work extends an invitation to linger, think, wonder. Good stuff, as always! :)

      • You’re very welcome! Encountering your work as a viewer is such an interesting experience. I am always drawn in and always experience more than just an image on a page. I believe your work does not permit the sincere viewer to quickly glance and move on without provoking something in them. I really do hope many more discover your lovely work, it deserves to be enjoyed and appreciated.

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