She Always Wanted Red Shoes

She Always Wanted Red Shoes

I spent all day working on my website redesign. It’s been an ongoing behind the scenes project for several weeks. The bones are there…it’s coming along nicely but it’s at the point where I need to pretty it up with images and add in all the text. I spent hours today figuring out how it all works. Suffice it to say I am learning slowly. I want so much to finally be independent when it comes to my web world…in control of how the site looks and feels. Almost there!

So, good for my heart, to pick up my pen and paintbrush at the end of this long day and draw/paint a fanciful dress and a pair of red shoes. My eyes are blurry from so much computer work today, but that hasn’t stopped me. There is so much joy in this, for me.

And I realize that’s three fashion illustration posts in a row, but I assure you I am in deep with serious design work these days. Spring Market just wrapped up and collections for Fall Market are underway, including a lovely new Bath collection that I hope Bed Bath and Beyond will like enough to bring on board. And, in my pocket are two new licensees that I have been waiting patiently to announce… and I will, just as soon as I get the website done:)

10 thoughts on “She Always Wanted Red Shoes

    • Maureen…I am having so much fun with these paintings;) I vividly remember doodling fashion illustrations in the margins of my school notebooks long ago. I always thought I’d go in that direction…so it’s lovely for me to come back around to scribbling the details of a dress or pair of shoes in ink…Thanks for always leaving word for me here.

  1. i love her shoes, and as for fashion … it’s one more lovely expression to remember you by. x tony

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