11 thoughts on “How Today Feels…

  1. Reminds me of Marylin, of course in a very ” Shell ” way. The photo is at the same high level – ” Vibrant nature with artist feelings ” !

  2. This picture depicts something all too rare, but so very good! How you capture a feeling with your paintings astounds me. I feel what this painting displays deep in my soul and long for more of those moments of endless delight. I guess the fact that they are often elusive makes the moment especially wonderful!

    • What a great comment, E:)) Capturing a feeling… Isn’t that what painting is about? Be open to the sweet moments and they will find you ~

      • Shell, I totally agree that that is what painting is all about. I guess our feelings get tangled up into our paintings in this kind of inseparable way. Thanks for the encouragement to be open. I really am seeking to live open to those moments and hope to be found, more and more, by them! :)

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