Places Imagined

Places Imagined

A friend once told me that what he liked most about my art was that each painting conjured up an imagined land/seascape. He said he knew the locations weren’t “real” but that he felt them, vividly…that some were familiar in a distant lifetime kind of way and others were simply places he would love to travel to, to explore.

I liked so much, that he felt my art that way…

There are places we travel, only in our minds… places imagined, yet so real that your every sense comes alive from thought alone. Painting is often a way for me to explore those places within… to discover new layers of myself along the way. I love what is emerging as the journey continues…. ~

Original Ink & Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel

2 thoughts on “Places Imagined

  1. I like this variety of the pictures you make. The very top part makes me think of the skyline of a ‘regular’ landscape, and then the rest of the image seems to be about ‘what lies beneath’ – partly in a literal and vaguely geological way, but also in a more abstracted sensual manner. That’s my rational brain speaking, the visual bit just chills and enjoys the ebb and flow!
    Best. S.

    • Layers, always. I like the way you see/feel this one. Thank you, Steve…I’ve been in/out less lately…please forgive my delay in reply. I am appreciative for your words here.

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