Sometimes we don’t even know what we need until we are in the midst of a moment…

That happened to me today.  A slow waking from an uneasy night of sleep… my head has been full lately and those who know me well know the depth of thought I am wading through. Grey clouds above, the sun slow to lighten sky.

Encouraged, like a whisper past my ear, for the first time in weeks I pick up my paintbrush and begin to paint. It feels natural, comforting, familiar. Splashes of color dance across the paper, wet brush dipping in palette pan, dabbing off excess paint, laying down layers. Yes, I know this road. Then, I reach for ink. I add depth and line and detail. Water pooling, tide receding, toes  sinking. Meditative, this moment. I am lost in it.

A special photograph inspires me along…I instinctively know the journey the pen needs to make. It is a beautiful thing to feel and symbolic in more ways than one.

After some time, I notice my heart beat…slowing,  my breathing…regular and relaxed. I recognize a soft smile at lips edge and notice the return of the sun.  In this moment, I feel calm, happy and deeply grateful and I embrace the mystery of the road that lies ahead ~
Original Ink and Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel

12 thoughts on “Journeys

  1. Some roads we don’t recognise or walk out if choice as they aren’t either easy or pleasant but sometimes the therapeutic and meditative nature of the walk regardless of surroundings or distance can sometimes give us the inner peace of familiarity and from this point maybe we start to begin to make some beginnings of understanding and help us move again from the paralysis of the unkown
    Lovely work but more importantly well done for walking the road less travelled :)))

  2. Your beautiful painting as well as your heartfelt words, touched me deeply. I know this road we walk well. You have inspired me to start my day anew…. To rise from my bed and perhaps I too shall pick up my paintbrush, splash some water and begin to paint again. xx

  3. smiles….it is only embracing that memory that we ever really move forward….
    there is something beautifully organic to your painting…i still see the human form in them…

    • :)) Received your message on my licensing blog, ty:) Posterous, no longer, but I like it here on WordPress…have slowly added in some of my older works that you will remember if you scroll through. New website, coming soon….So glad I found my way back to your blog, B, …it’s been a long while ~

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