Presence, Felt ~

Presence, Felt ~

Snow fell and the world quieted down. A day to paint…

Solitary…but never alone. Presence, felt…encouraging the brush to dip yet again in water, the hand to slide so that the water flows. I reach for the pen…I want to make lines dance. Silence, all but for breath which makes its own gentle rhythm. I glance up…smile…notice the snowflakes falling slowly… and then refocus on the watercolor at hand. It might be all about technique one minute, or play or color, the next. It might never be used in a collection…or offered for sale, or shown in exhibition. All I know is that when the lines and flow of paint feel right to my eye, it brings profound joy. If I get the colors right too…well, then, that’s a banner day;)

A lovely way to spend a few hours on a quiet snowy day ~

Original ink and watercolor ©Michelle Rummel

8 thoughts on “Presence, Felt ~

    • Ah, AV:)) Nice surprise, words from you here. Happy, knowing this one caught your eye and that my accompanying words carried my quiet energy. Thank you for your kindness, as always…~ shell

  1. How beautiful…there is a lot of Shell in this one…the word that keeps coming is Conglomerate (in the geological sense!)
    Now I look again…the new word is Chrysalis…
    I feel that there is a (Klimt) cocooned Shell (a Shelled Shell I s’pose!)…this idea largely only works looking sideways…and imagining the emerging Shell is laid on top of the water!
    …as so often the case…there is a metamorphosis betwixt Shell to tree to Mermaid…
    Okay…my final theory!
    It is a Mermaid Cocoon :)))
    But I love it lots…

    • Always happy to have your interpretation of my art, D…maybe because you know me well and you have watched the evolution of my art over time. I like the idea of a shell(klimt, mermaid, tree, ocean) cocoon;) Something comforting for me in that thought. This painting was more play than anything else…still working on some new techniques/ideas…letting line be looser( or trying to…) and still wanting it to be striking to the eye in the end. Thanks for your thoughtful words here, D:))

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