Anchored In a Daydream ~

Anchored In a Daydream ~

A wistful photograph floated my way on Pinterest and I was instantly drawn to it, the feel of the image…the mood created. And of course, it’s only natural considering how I feel about the sea and ocean rocks and all things pulled by tide and time. Inspired, I sketched her quickly in pencil, added detail in ink and let the watercolor flow as it does best. I like that there is a sense of contentment in the pose…of being one with saltwater, anchored in a daydream…at peace with the waiting ~

Original Pencil, Ink and Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel

7 thoughts on “Anchored In a Daydream ~

  1. Shell this is stunning! It may be my very favorite. Her face is lovely. The flow of her hair so attractive. I love your words too. My life has been in a protracted season of waiting for several years now. I can either complain about it or learn from it by embracing it. The waiting is worthwhile because of the peace that comes when we accept that all we can do is wait and surrender our need to be in control. This picture captures that beautifully! Stupendo!

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