Absorbing The Blue

Absorbing The Blue


No tentative toes testing for ice
No need to dip fingertips twice
To know…
Yeah, it’s cold.

But the current seduces and before you know it you are sucked in, fast.
Past the shores you slip
In and out of consciousness.
If only you slept this deeply…

Letting go, feel the sea flow fulfill.
Rejoice… No choice
But to lay arched back, buoyed…
Absorbing the blue ~

Original watercolor ©Michelle Rummel

2 thoughts on “Absorbing The Blue

  1. looking at your drawings is like passing through varied visual and psychic zones … they all flow from the same beautiful place yet are somehow all different. tony

    • I like that…The idea that my art somehow takes the viewer on a journey, of sorts. My work does have a similar feel/vein, yes… but hopefully a few surprises now and again:) Thank you, Tony… for taking the time…

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