In The Moment ~

In The Moment ~

My ink and watercolor is finally complete and will soon be on its way to Orlando, Florida for the 4th Twitter Art Exhibit. Proceeds from the sale of artwork for this show will benefit The Center for Contemporary Dance, Special Needs Classes, a nonprofit (501)©3 organization dedicated to dance education and outreach. As always, there is much of me within the lines and washes of watercolor of my work… this piece is a true reflection of a lovely moment in time.

Always an honor to have my art hang on the wall amidst such talented artists, many of whom are dear friends. Warm thanks as always to David Sandum, the founder of the TAE and to all those behind the scenes who work tirelessly to ensure the exhibit is a success. It has been a pleasure to donate my art over the years and to watch the exhibit evolve into such a fantastic international collective.

I invite you to read more about the exhibit here, to follow along on twitter and, if you haven’t done so already,  to create a work of art to be included in the exhibition. The deadline for art submission is February 24, 2014… More details on the Call For Artists page.

In The Moment, Original Ink and Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel

4 thoughts on “In The Moment ~

  1. A great entry…your trees are often better than the real thing! This one is a very beautiful example…I especially love the flowing twisting trunk and branches, and the lovehearty roots…oh and the leaves…I think the Twitter Exhibition is such a great idea…and creates such diverse art works too :)))

  2. I love being a part of the TAE…have been, since the beginning. Just always feels right and it is lovely to see all that art hang together on the exhibit walls. I’ve painted oceanscapes and figurative works for the last 3 shows…it was time for a tree;) Glad you like this one, D:)

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