The ice storm rolled in two nights ago, coating the trees in what seemed a sheen of glass. Gorgeous, to see branches dripping with ice; ice crackled over limbs, encasing the few remaining leaves, pods and frozen buds. I woke early, wanting to get closer, to try to capture the sculptural beauty. I thought my window of time to photograph would be short, the air, warmer than expected and I could hear the beginnings of the melting… But to my surprise, the day turned colder, more rain fell, more ice, different formations appeared…and I felt lucky to again be within it, immersed in the stillness and the quiet cold that ice brings…

In the earliest hours of this morning, snow gently fell. It coated the ice, softly so… When daylight arrived, again, I wandered out in it in, searching…seeking the beautiful. I wanted the comfort of nature around me, and I soon found it. A still life from Sunday’s dusting of snow, so close to my heart, now glistened under snowfall … and snowflakes landed in my eyelashes as I stood beneath the dogwood tree, looking up, immersed in a tangled maze of branches

In the afternoon, the clouds moved on, the sky lightened and the most glorious light appeared. It reflected a pure white light into my studio, filling it with energy anew. I painted then… new designs that have only been sketches until today. Always a thrill…the beginning of a new collection, organic and natural, a softness to the lines and watercolor wash. Paint flowed, music played a gentle beat… and my mind drifted away, happy in its reverie, immersed in the colors of contentment ~

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