A Quiet Calm…Feeling the Color Coming Back ~

A Quiet Calm...Feeling the Color Coming Back ~

Design work, pulling me away from playing with watercolors and posting here lately…Yes, I am a quieter presence sometimes. It’s needed, so I can focus my energy. Hard though, when so many of you lovely souls are here, reaching out in your own way, posting your inspiring art and beautiful words…

But I am somehow calm in the midst of this moment. As always, it’s all about balance.

So, just a few words to say… I’m here, always close. Even when quietly so. Floating in and out as I can… and ever grateful for the kindness that comes to me. After all, it’s what keeps me coming back ~

Original Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel

6 thoughts on “A Quiet Calm…Feeling the Color Coming Back ~

    • What a lovely thing to say…Thank you, Len. Perhaps my art can bring the calm to you:) Has been a while since I visited your site..In a quiet moment, I will make my way there…hope there is some new writing to discover~

  1. Lovely words & even more beautiful emotional intention!
    Good to know you always read the tiny thoughts we leave here… ;-)
    The piece you painted is so fragile… though it doesn’t look at first. It’s like each color is seeking ‘thy’ balance you mentioned… :-D
    Have a beautiful day Shell. :-)

    • Oh, I do read every word…and try to respond back in time. This is an older painting…tiny…and yes, a delicate nature to her lines. But the sentiment still rings true…:) Have a beautiful day, Jose ~

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