A Wonder…

Can’t tell you how many times I have watched this video over the last year…It’s a wonder and one of those magic things that gives me goosebumps…every single time.

And for your listening pleasure, here, the full song…lovely, particularly so, in the early morning hours when the day is just beginning to unfold…

Such possibility ~

6 thoughts on “A Wonder…

  1. just last week i was at the water’s edge. the day was strange and amazing first because of the surreal skies, which have been irregularly regular around here the last days and weeks. second, i was swimming through my first ever full listen to pat’s orchestrion on headphones. third, as the sun was slipping off the table, thousands of small shorebirds (maybe sandpipers?) launched into giant flocks, painting the sky in sheets of black fractal dance. unbelievable.

    cool tune too. and i happened to have gotten the email pointing to it as i peeled my eyes, so i was consuming according to prescription.

    • Ah, perfect timing, James…:) Your name and the title of this post should be linked. Feels right. ~ Tell me how you liked orchestrion…I have yet to listen fully through. Will I like, you think?

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