She Sleeps ~

She Sleeps ~

She sinks in sand
Shoreline stretches
Toes, curled…
Fingers find the ridges
Holding tight, rocking gently.

There’s a comfort in the rhythm of the foamy waves…

And, so she sleeps
At one with the ocean
Blanketed by the tide… ~

Original Ink & Watercolor @Michelle Rummel

8 thoughts on “She Sleeps ~

    • Oh, I’m so glad:) She is most special to me and part of my private collection. Most of my work is available for purchase…I tend to work small…this one is painted on 5.5 x 8.5″ watercolor paper. Thrilled that she resonated with you and I’m sorry the original is unavailable…perhaps a print will work…I appreciate your enthusiasm for my art and your kind words here and on twitter:) I will email you with more info. ~ Shell

      • Hi Shell, I’m relativitygirl here (wordpress) and @bridgit66 on twitter. Yes I would love to buy a print that I can frame. I showed it to my husband my last night and he really liked it as well, fluid silky dreamy, love it :) Looking forward to your email

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