Finally found some painting time in my late afternoon. So, I carved out a moment for myself and filled it with watery blues and greens. Needed, those minutes…

Adding to #thedailysketch group, since this one began with a rough pencil sketch…A wash of watercolor, touch of ink came next.

Original Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel

I Just Need a Moment ~

I Just Need a Moment ~

“As happens sometimes, a moment settled and hovered and remained for much more than a moment. And sound stopped and movement stopped for much, much more than a moment.” ~ John Steinbeck

Painted a couple of years ago and intended as a quick study…a loose play of graphite line and a splash of watercolor on paper, a moment was all it took to capture the essence of what I was feeling. The camera wasn’t so lucky….paper saturated, buckled, like my knees and so you’ll simply have to imagine it more cleanly than the shadowy image actually presents here.

The night I painted this, I fell asleep with still images of this painting scrolling through my mind. I saw this piece and others like it, large…larger than anything I have ever painted before. A big canvas, with her colors splashed and dripping and flowing. It’s been years since I’ve painted with acrylics or oils, but I can’t help but feel like this was a clear sign leading the way…time will tell. Anyone who knows me well knows that I tend to shy away from clearly marked paths. Sometimes, it’s hard to be me.

*I just need a moment…*

I have uttered this phrase often in my real world life…significant, those 5 words, when spoken. Please let me catch my breath, refocus my mind, regain clarity, pause….or…float;) a while in peace. We all have these moments, they are not mine alone. Universal, I believe, the overwhelming need to occasionally lay down in the clay… let your colors drip and flow and let the earth absorb your raw emotion and cradle you, for just a moment…or two.

Original Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel

The Limitless Well of Her Soul

The Limitless Well of Her Soul

A soul well inspires, best of the heart depth brought high, to be so savored… – Sean Vessey

I painted this one several years ago…inspired by a photograph that had floated my way. I came back to this painting over and over again…added here, took away there…It took a long time to lay the brush down and say, Done.

The essence of the painting became something altogether different once I had finally completed it. It seemed that part of me had somehow become one with the painting…I am, of course, a part of all I create. But this was different. It is still very hard to explain the feeling, but that’s as close to how it felt at the time, expressed, even now.

My friend Sean saw the piece and graciously added his own interpretation via his beautiful poetic words which shined a sweet light and a layer of clarity onto this painting which had sat for some time, darkly haunting me….Now, whenever I view her…she feels beautifully illuminated. A complete perspective shift…oh, I do love how that can happen in the blink of an eye :)

When I originally posted this work years back, the comment thread was extraordinarily rich. I’d love to know how others, familiar with my work now, see this painting…if inclined, leave a word or two.

Happy to share her, once again ~


Original Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel & Original Words by Sean Vessey ( @seanotd on twitter)

Paint September Gallery ~ Month at a Glance

Such a pleasure to participate in #PaintSeptember on twitter this past month!  It was fantastic to wake each day and see so much good art in my stream..so much talent.  Although I do paint regularly, my focus over the summer had been my design work. It had been some time since I had painted just for me, and so the idea of formally committing to participate in this individual/group project really appealed to me. Yes….a bit outside of my quiet comfort zone;)  But just the act of saying I was going to do it, brought about an unexpected discipline…a ritual of showing up to paint, ready to let inspiration guide me…no preconceived ideas about what should grace the paper. It’s a joy for me to see the finished works presented here like this…the variety of subject matter truly pleases me.

My gratitude to those who have inquired or already purchased work. Your support and encouragement of my work means so much to me.

Please message me (email or DM via twitter) for specific purchasing  information ~  To see the title of each painting and accompanying artist statements/poetry, please scroll back through my blog for September.

All work, Original Watercolors… some have Ink ~ ©Michelle Rummel