Let Go ~

Let Go ~

Arched back, Buoyed.
Toes towards the sky.
Tossed and tumbled beyond your control…so let go.
Saltwater rushes over eyelids closed tight,
And your smile, a mile wide.
This, the only roller coaster ride I ever liked… ;)

Original Ink and Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel

9 thoughts on “Let Go ~

    • I strive for that…truly. Love that you see/feel it. For me, I am most pleased with my paintings when there is something unsaid, left for the viewer to fill in the words/feeling. Thank you, Maureen, for enjoying (and sharing:) my art as you do….

  1. Emergence. Often it seems your work depicts something emerging out of something else and onto the scene. Isn’t life kind of like that, this ever evolving process of becoming more and more who and what we are. Love it! :-)

  2. dear Shell, your art lights up parts of my heart and mind as art is supposed to do. i’m so grateful. tony

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