And So I Danced…

And So I Danced...

There are moments that move us so deeply, the emotion takes over and we are almost helpless, pulled, directed, from within….

A couple of years back, an evocative painting titled, ‘In the heat of the moment ~ at the heart of the matter’ had floated my way in the twitter stream from my lovely friend, Liz Spurgeon ( @lizbeth33 ). I was taken with the warmth and energy that her painting conveyed. One look at her work and I just felt like dancing/spinning/sliding/swaying…

And so I did…

I couldn’t find a link to this exact painting but look at Liz’s brushwork and I think you’ll see what moved me. To my eye, there is passion in her abstract land/seascapes.

~ It is true I love to dance and I do so in my studio often, in the moments that inspire me to move my limbs. Something so freeing about allowing energy to move through you in this way.

We should all dance more, don’t you think?:)

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