The Ideas That Stick

The Ideas That Stick

The Ideas That Stick…~

Visions come to me like a slow, steady drip coursing through my veins… They take their own sweet time, breaking surface, swirling, rolling, deftly dancing their way through quarry’s of questions and what ifs, defying logic and good sense.

The ideas that stick, slide under skin and skillfully skim the ridges and roadblocks. They sink silently and fall beside me, waiting for tides to gently shake me awake so I can touch them with the gifts inside and bring them, lovingly, to life.

Ink and watercolor ©Michelle Rummel

9 thoughts on “The Ideas That Stick

  1. I love how ideas work their way into our minds and hearts. Ruminate on them for a time. Design and rethink them. Vision them becoming something concrete that can be shared with others. Ideas drive us. They push us to new limits. They challenge us to try new things. They nudge us to the edge and tell us to trust our instincts. The creative process is, to me at least, as beautiful as the things that result. Love this new one. It has this edge to it that I’m not sure I’ve noticed before.

  2. An older piece…when i first began to play with ink…lots of different paintings in my portfolio from way back, similar to this concept:) Yes! To all your words…so true:)

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