From Here To There…

From Here To There...

from here
eternity lives

in solace
striations diverging

in separation
sedentary moments

dormant beauty
silent dreams

colors merge
silence bends

passion escapes
to there

~ Poetic words, graciously offered by Michael Sesling (@PoeticMindset)




Original Ink and Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel

2 thoughts on “From Here To There…

  1. these natural and imagined landscapes continue to touch me with simple grace. with or without verse, they veil and unveil every subject you touch … transforming, uplifting. x tony

    • I think that’s the best that come from a painting…that the viewer feels something…relates to my lines in some way or another. Art is personal…I try to visually depict the thoughts that float through my mind..sometimes, I just don’t have the words. The ink and watercolor have to speak for me. Thank you, Tony:)

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