The Limitless Well of Her Soul

The Limitless Well of Her Soul

A soul well inspires, best of the heart depth brought high, to be so savored… – Sean Vessey

I painted this one several years ago…inspired by a photograph that had floated my way. I came back to this painting over and over again…added here, took away there…It took a long time to lay the brush down and say, Done.

The essence of the painting became something altogether different once I had finally completed it. It seemed that part of me had somehow become one with the painting…I am, of course, a part of all I create. But this was different. It is still very hard to explain the feeling, but that’s as close to how it felt at the time, expressed, even now.

My friend Sean saw the piece and graciously added his own interpretation via his beautiful poetic words which shined a sweet light and a layer of clarity onto this painting which had sat for some time, darkly haunting me….Now, whenever I view her…she feels beautifully illuminated. A complete perspective shift…oh, I do love how that can happen in the blink of an eye :)

When I originally posted this work years back, the comment thread was extraordinarily rich. I’d love to know how others, familiar with my work now, see this painting…if inclined, leave a word or two.

Happy to share her, once again ~


Original Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel & Original Words by Sean Vessey ( @seanotd on twitter)

6 thoughts on “The Limitless Well of Her Soul

  1. This painting has a rhythm only its viewers and admirers can feel. Your paintings are incredibly evocative. I love the subtle touches that could go easily undetected like the way the blue pools differently near the bottom of that section adding a depth and vibrancy of color or the layers that seem like endless layers of rock forming over vast stretches of time. One look just isn’t enough!

    • You know me well and so it’s safe to say that yes, it had a darker tone to it during the creating of it…But when I view it now, it feels like a rising up:)

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