Paint September Gallery ~ Month at a Glance

Such a pleasure to participate in #PaintSeptember on twitter this past month!  It was fantastic to wake each day and see so much good art in my much talent.  Although I do paint regularly, my focus over the summer had been my design work. It had been some time since I had painted just for me, and so the idea of formally committing to participate in this individual/group project really appealed to me. Yes….a bit outside of my quiet comfort zone;)  But just the act of saying I was going to do it, brought about an unexpected discipline…a ritual of showing up to paint, ready to let inspiration guide me…no preconceived ideas about what should grace the paper. It’s a joy for me to see the finished works presented here like this…the variety of subject matter truly pleases me.

My gratitude to those who have inquired or already purchased work. Your support and encouragement of my work means so much to me.

Please message me (email or DM via twitter) for specific purchasing  information ~  To see the title of each painting and accompanying artist statements/poetry, please scroll back through my blog for September.

All work, Original Watercolors… some have Ink ~ ©Michelle Rummel

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