And So I Danced…

And So I Danced...

There are moments that move us so deeply, the emotion takes over and we are almost helpless, pulled, directed, from within….

A couple of years back, an evocative painting titled, ‘In the heat of the moment ~ at the heart of the matter’ had floated my way in the twitter stream from my lovely friend, Liz Spurgeon ( @lizbeth33 ). I was taken with the warmth and energy that her painting conveyed. One look at her work and I just felt like dancing/spinning/sliding/swaying…

And so I did…

I couldn’t find a link to this exact painting but look at Liz’s brushwork and I think you’ll see what moved me. To my eye, there is passion in her abstract land/seascapes.

~ It is true I love to dance and I do so in my studio often, in the moments that inspire me to move my limbs. Something so freeing about allowing energy to move through you in this way.

We should all dance more, don’t you think?:)

In Good Company

In Good Company

Last year, my friend Matt and I spent an afternoon at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC…roamed for hours,  in and out of the rooms,  up and down corridors, so much to see.  Matt’s a great gallery companion because he lets me wander as I wish ( a bit haphazardly… ) and doesn’t get annoyed when I suddenly rush past in search of whatever has caught my eye from across a crowded room;) This particular day, we made our way into the contemporary/modern art wing and found ourselves suddenly surrounded by Rothko. Matt sat to contemplate the art… silhouetted in a sea of blue. The intensity of color caught my eye…I took one shot… got lucky and captured the moment. One of my personal favorites ~

Photograph ©Michelle Rummel

The Ideas That Stick

The Ideas That Stick

The Ideas That Stick…~

Visions come to me like a slow, steady drip coursing through my veins… They take their own sweet time, breaking surface, swirling, rolling, deftly dancing their way through quarry’s of questions and what ifs, defying logic and good sense.

The ideas that stick, slide under skin and skillfully skim the ridges and roadblocks. They sink silently and fall beside me, waiting for tides to gently shake me awake so I can touch them with the gifts inside and bring them, lovingly, to life.

Ink and watercolor ©Michelle Rummel