Paint September ~ Day 30 ~ Drenched Salty

Paint September ~ Day 30 ~ Drenched Salty

Dip me gently in the ocean
Bathe me in blue,
Absorbing energy, I float…
Drenched salty ~

End of the month means that Painting September comes to an end…loved it. Was great for me, for my creative soul and spirit. Though admittedly, I am ready to take a little break:) Love to all for kind support all month long. A painting a day is no easy feat..I did my best as time, life and energy allowed.  I’ll be formally adding all the available watercolors to my blog or website soon…give me a little time to get organized;) My deepest gratitude to all who have already inquired or purchased works… ~ Shell



Original Ink & Watercolor Michelle Rummel

2 thoughts on “Paint September ~ Day 30 ~ Drenched Salty

  1. What an inspired and inspiring month this has been for those of us watching what’s appeared here. (I’d hate to have to select just one.) Having once spent 30 days writing a poem a day, I know an effort like this takes a lot. The wonder is how much gets accomplished that is so good. Wonderful, Shell.

    • Dear Maureen, What a wonderful comment… you just made this tired gal feel so good. Although painting at this pace is not something I expect to do regularly, the process of it all truly did help me find my creative rhythm again. And it was a joy to focus on painting pieces just for me, and that’s rare. It has been a pleasure to share the work along. So much of it, deeply inspired, and as we both know, work flows with ease when inspiration is present and felt. Thanks for RT’ing so much of the art into the twitter stream for me…most appreciative for your steady support and friendship ~

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