Paint September ~ Day 25 ~ Where She Belongs

Paint September ~ Day 25 ~ Where She Belongs

Somewhere out beyond the blue where salty sea meets sky…

And… a late addition to the post;)

A Twitter Haiku, that floated  my way by my twitter friend, Robert Moore, @medialabrat. Ok, truth is I put him on the spot but I think he liked it;)

Fifty shades of grey

deflect attention from my

color filled center :)


Original Watercolor and Ink ~ ©Michelle Rummel

4 thoughts on “Paint September ~ Day 25 ~ Where She Belongs

  1. i’ve been enjoying your submissions that i’ve subscribed to [here] and i can’t believe how prolific you are in completing works of art! wow! keep up the great stuff. the oceanic themes never get old for me. :)

    • Shad:)) So good to see a comment from you here… Yes, for the month of September, like a masochist;) I committed to painting a painting a day…Didn’t quite accomplish that but did turn out a great deal of work and more importantly, found my painting rhythm again. So, a good experiment all around:) Haven’t been on G+ in a while…just can’t seem to find the energy to add one more social media venue to my plate at this moment in time…miss friends there, of course. So, all the happier to see words from you here. Thank you:) Hope all is well in your wold and that you too are creating daily and finding inspiration with ease ~

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