Paint September ~ Day 19 ~ Inspired Lines

Paint September ~ Day 19 ~ Inspired Lines

Sharing the first of several watercolors inspired by Paul Henderson’s gorgeous hosta photographs from his garden in Scotland…

Paul’s photography is greatly inspiring to me.  If you haven’t seen how he creates his work with shadows, made from cut paper, copper wire and natural elements like translucent pieces of mica, take a look through his website and you will soon realize how visionary he truly is.  He won’t like that I just called him visionary;)  but we are dear friends and I think he’ll forgive it knowing I say it graciously and earnestly.  But it’s his Hosta series that this painting is inspired by.  I found myself drawn to the evocative lines, the shadows and light, the way he captured the leaves …something about that collection of work really moved me.

Over time, I painted several variations on this same theme, all capturing a uniquely different perspective. Today I post the most recent ink and watercolor of the series, completed today. The others, I will begin to share along soon.

Because my eye tends to abstract all I see, I do realize that to the viewer my painting may seem at first, disconnected to the original inspiration source. But I invite you to take a moment and look closer… the essence of Paul’s images are very much a part of my painting.

Grateful for the gift of inspiration… Such a pleasure to float this one into my stream… ~

Original Ink and Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel


11 thoughts on “Paint September ~ Day 19 ~ Inspired Lines

  1. I think what you take in is always so important…sort of like ‘the old man says you are what you eat – eat well’
    So you paint what your mind ‘eats’ – you have a great mind for beauty that others look over and as such you have a very well fed mind :)))

    • You know me well, David…Just trying to be aware of the things that spark the creative in me…I believe it is a mindset of awareness, for the most part. I’ve been open to it and good art is flowing. Glad you liked this one…it’s the most painterly of the series I have created so far, and so I felt it a good time to share along for #neverendingpaintseptember;) I appreciated your words on fb… Thank you, as always, for being you:)

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