Paint September ~ Day 17 ~ Shoreline

Paint September ~ Day 17 ~ Shoreline

I spent many hours with paintbrush in hand towards the end of my yesterday…moved paint around paper, little thought, play mostly. There were distractions galore…my house, not quiet. Several paintings came, none of which felt particularly right to me and none of which I’ll share with you here. I had all but called Day 17 a bust when a passing comment caught my eye and made me take pause…

Creation without Inspiration is pointless.

So I flipped the page in my watercolor book and began again, this time, recalling an image of rocks on shoreline that floated my way earlier in the week… and the paint flowed with ease and this simple painting is what emerged.

The reason I decided to try my hand at PaintSeptember was to challenge myself to show up daily, paintbrush in hand, with the mindset of creating…something…anything. An exercise in discipline, something I need when it comes to creating as the business side of my brain often pulls me in other less artistic directions. My initial goal was simple…show up, paint something and if happy with it, share it along. My routine has been to sit down without prior thought of what to create in mind, then, see what comes…. What I have learned so far, is that I need to be touched by just the smallest spark of inspiration in order to do good work. The paintings that I have been most pleased with this month all came from an inspired place within after having felt/noticed the magnetic pull of a feeling, emotion or idea.

For me, just showing up is an excellent first step, but it’s simply not enough, especially since it’s important to me to create art that is infused with depth, emotion and meaning.

Original Watercolor & Ink ©Michelle Rummel

5 thoughts on “Paint September ~ Day 17 ~ Shoreline

    • The ocean is my joy…I only get to visit a handful of times each summer, but I carry close the rocks and shells that I collect there. They always inspire. Thank you for your kind words:)

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