The Gift of Art



A special package arrived in my mailbox today. It traveled all the way from Norway, a gift from artist, David Sandum (@DavidSandumArt).

A few weeks ago, David painted, then posted online, this beautiful Gouache saying that as the piece evolved, elements of it began to remind him of me… He dedicated the painting to me and offered to send it my way. Such a surprise, this gesture …so completely unexpected.

As I unwrapped it, I smiled. Always part of the charm, the way an artist packages their art. I could feel David’s energy as I held the wrapped artwork in my hands. He pours his heart into all he does…and I felt it, plain as day.

But upon seeing the painting for the first time, I share honestly that tears came. It is so beautiful…and much more delicate than it appears on screen. The colors, predominantly honey and apricot, are warm, like summer. There are touches of the softest blue green, hinting at the ocean I love so dearly and the water in the vase is translucent perfection. A muddy lilac adds an overall  gentle depth to the painting. And I genuinely love that my name is painted onto the piece…It feels like it was meant just for me.

Tell me, is there anything more wonderful than receiving the gift of art? I am beyond touched by the beauty of the painting, the gracious gesture of giving and the heartfelt message that accompanied the piece… Thank you, David ~


2 thoughts on “The Gift of Art

  1. What a beautiful thing to do…and a wonderful picture too…I love the colours especially.
    Of course I am the expert on knowing how it feels when a special person does such a wonderful thing, to paint a wonderful picture just for you! ;)
    …and yes the packaging was sooo much a part of it..the whole experience…one moment and then a forever special treasure in your life :)
    I think it especially great as you head towards the finale of Paint September too…
    Art is such a special personal gift to share with good friends – Big smiles :)))

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