Paint September ~ Day 12 ~ Contemplation

Paint September ~ Day 12

I put my friend,  Michael Sesling ( @PoeticMindset ) on the spot;) to put pen to paper and write a few words about this painting and of course, he came through in brilliant fashion. We have been friends for a long while…our paths crisscrossing along various social media venues. His poetry is so lovely…he paints pictures, tells stories with his words. Honored, then, when he asked me if I might be interested in collaborating on some art and poetry projects. Contemplation was a spontaneous start. Not sure what else will come over time, but I look forward to it:) My gratitude for his words here..they are perfect and beautiful and moody and I feel they fit the essence of my painting wonderfully well ~

Thank you, Michael :)



she daydreams

in her moments of solace

dusk moments lingering

when moonlight and sunlight

coalesce in hidden pools

of delight and bewilderment

behind pale eyes

there is silence in memory

scarf against skin

skin cold to touch

eyes pale in silence

a sound echoes in memories departed

across a sullen sky

whispers from dreams

dreams from the river

like cloud thoughts



drifting infinitely nowhere

maybe into the hemisphere

hair like a river

lips like shadows

dreams like wine

she is waiting to be touched

her lover’s touch

supple lips to skin

echoes in the dream

a moment escaping

into a smile

Contemplation, Original Poetry ©Michael Sesling


I am exhausted…But I didn’t have the chance to paint yesterday and I simply could not let today go by without at least trying to make good on my commitment to paint a painting a day. So, almost in the 11th hour;) I got down to it and this is what came…

She needs a title and maybe some lovely words to go with…(Michael Sesling…no pressure, but…GO;) … and I likely will photograph her again tomorrow in natural light which will look a little softer to my very tired eyes. But for now, I think she will do…yes? ~

Original Watercolor and Ink ©Michelle Rummel

2 thoughts on “Paint September ~ Day 12 ~ Contemplation

  1. Shell, I very much like your use of color. Your work has a captivating quality that doesn’t allow you to glance and go on your way. They invite you in. They ask you to explore, to look around, to notice. There is much to enjoy with this one.

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