Painting Time…

Painting Time...

As elusive as the space between sand, sea and sky…

…No time to paint these last couple of days…My business and the design work that is central to it have taken up much of each day. Wanting/needing to sit with the quiet this evening and just let the watercolors lead the way… ~

Original Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel

7 thoughts on “Painting Time…

  1. Love that stretch of red in this, Shell. It rivets the eye, which is brought up short by the vertical divide. Plus there’s a really interesting perspective to this, depending on whether the view is seen as “flat” and “layered” (I use “and” because the tension between the two happens all at once).

    • You always have such a keen perspective, Maureen…very observant:) A painting about shifting perspectives…yes:) Thanks for taking the time to leave words:)

    • An older piece, Tony… but an appropriate placeholder for the day while I waited for my time to free up again so I could get back to it…which I did today;)

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